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Bw. Nelson Mlali

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Bw. Nelson Mlali
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Barua pepe: info@tasac.go.tz

Simu: 0800 110 101/ 0800 110 107


Mr. Mlali is the Acting Director of Shipping Business with the Tanzania Shipping Agencies Corporation (TASAC).

He has been in the maritime transport sector for 36 years working with the then Tanzania Harbours Authority (THA), Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA) and currently with the Tanzania Shipping Agencies Corporation (TASAC).

At THA/TPA, he successfully served in various managerial positions including Operations Manager, Port Manager (now known as Port Director), Ports Coordination Manager and Port Master (Mtwara) driving the organization to meaningful success which is witnessed today. At TASAC, he served in the position of Manager, Ship Agency services before being appointed to the acting position of Director Shipping Business.

Mr. Mlali has gathered a wide experience in port terminal operations, corporate planning affairs and Port management cycles through practice and theoretical knowledge gained internally and overseas by participating in training programmes. He is a renowned Technical Tutor in UNCTAD Port Management Training Programmes on Train For Trade.

He won the First World Prize in Essay competition known as the ‘Akiyama Prize’ awarded by the International Association of Ports and Harbours (IAPH) during the 23rd World Ports Conference in Durban, South Africa in year 2003 thus underlining the position of Dar Es salaam port in the world of ports.


MBA in Marketing Management, Mzumbe University, Tanzania

Advanced Diploma in Business Administration, IDM – Mzumbe, Tanzania

Mastery in Directorship, Tanzania

Certificate in Directorship, Tanzania

Certificate in Port Operations, Bandari College, Tanzania

Certificate in Break Bulk Cargo Handling, Belgium

Certificate in Ports, Shipping and Logistics Management in Foreign Trade for Developing Countries, China

Certificate in Modern Port Management-Training of Trainers, Ireland

Certificate in Strategic Port Management, Japan

Attended various conferences and workshops both locally and overseas in the areas of Port Management, Logistics Chain Management and Cross Border Cooperation.

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